Watch battery flat? We can help you.

August 12, 2021

Get your watch battery changed by one of our trusted professionals! It’s a quick and easy process that keeps your watch ticking and safeguards it from damage.

We recommend to change the battery at least every two years. The longer you leave an old battery in a watch, the higher the risk of it leaking and causing damage to the movement, which could lead to a more costly repair. For older watches, or watches that are valuable, whether in monetary or sentimental terms, we recommend these get changed every 18 months.

We use quality batteries that last 18 months to two years. Cheaper batteries may not last as long. We can also pressure test your watch, which is particularly important for time pieces water resistant to 100m +.

At Precision, we understand the value a treasured time piece can have. Changing the battery regularly will ensure your watch will last for longer.

Come in and see us today at 5 Totara Ave, New Lynn. 

Batteries start from $25.

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