Auckland's professional clock repairs

Precision Co Ltd offers specialist services for watches and clocks. Our business in Auckland is a trusted name for watch and clock repairs. Do you have annoying issues with a clock or watch that you care about? Well, modern or antique, we can fix it for you because we are well versed in all internal movements. Some repairs or servicing can be done while you wait depending on what needs doing. 


Precision Co Ltd repairs and restores all makes and models for watches. From mechanical watches to automatics, we can optimise their systems to ensure that they run properly for a long time. We offer specialist repairs for antique fob and pocket watches as well as old and obsolete parts that they require. 

Electronic movements have few or no moving parts; they use what is known as the "piezoelectric effect" in a tiny quartz crystal that gives a stable time platform for an almost completely electronic movement. We can assist with complicated matters that may involve this because watch and clock repairs in Auckland are our specialty!

- Batteries fitted from $30.00

- Water pressure test from $20.00

- Band repair or adjustments from $5.00

- Glass replacement fitted from $68.00

- Watch straps, leather, metal, sports, starting from $39.00.

- De-magnetizing

- Bracelet resizing

- Watch Overhauls

Quotes on other repairs require a Quote fee, quote fee is deducted from repair if given a GO AHEAD


Quartz Watch $25

Quartz Clock $25

Mechanical Watch $45

Pocket Watch $60

Mechanical Clock $60

deposit of 20% if the repair goes ahead.



Why not buy quality clocks and watches from trusted repair experts? We have a great selection that comes with our guarantee. 
We stock modern and antique watches and clocks, including grandfather and novelty clocks such as the cuckoo types.


Our clock repairs are second to none. Whatever the make, we can fix or support its maintenance. Examples include: 
  • Mantle piece chiming clocks 
  • Wall clocks 
  • Alarm clocks 
  • Clocks on buildings
  • Tower clocks 
  • Office clocks 
  • Antique and rare clocks
We get many clients who say they don't think their clocks can be repaired, but often we deliver amazing results that surprise them. We also are able to repair barometers. Call us in Auckland today for premier clock repairs.

Collection and delivery

Precision Watch Co Ltd is more than happy to consider offering collection and delivery options anywhere in New Zealand when discussed on a job by job basis.