Karlsson Cuckoo Traditional Wall/Table Clock Tan

Specifications: Shell Material: ABS Color: Blue, Green, White Power Supply: 3 x Type C(R14) Battery(not included) Function: Intelligent time reporting (21: 00-6: 00 not reporting) Overall Size: (L)X(H) 20x25cm /7.87"x9.84"(appr.) Instruction is not included. Hope a nice day! Features: ● Integer time reported (starting at 7 am and stopping after 9 pm) ● can be placed or hanging ● low noise ● 24-hour sports pendulum ● The window open automatically at Hourly chime, the Cuckoo will be jump out and talk "Cuckoo" at same time, after reports time had ended, the Cuckoo return, the window close. (NOTE: 1 hour, the Cuckoo calls "Cuckoo" one time, the wing to open one time. Example: at 5: 00PM, the Cuckoo calls five sounds "Cuckoo" simultaneously spread the wings five time.) Time reporting proofreading steps: 1. Turn the hour hand by hand to adjust to the local standard time, correctly puts in 3 x Type C batteries, press the ADJUST button on the back of the product once, the window opens, Cuckoo launches, and will report 6 times "Cuckoo" (representing that the time is 6 am) If the ADJUST button is pressed once, the hour time will increase by 1 hour. 1. Adjust the ADJUST key according to the difference between the adjusted local time and 5. For example: the current time is 4:30 pm (ie 16:30). After installing the battery, you should press ADJUST 11 times (16-5). 1. Adjust the volume button (VOLUME) to control the time volume.