Sherline 8" Table Top Lathe - Package A - Metric - CNC Ready

**No upgrades option is currently in stock**

About Sherline CNC-Ready Tabletop Lathes


Our CNC-ready tabletop lathe is perfect for the customer looking for a mini CNC lathe to make small, precision parts. All our lathes are made in the USA, and our customer service is second to none. Although our machines are small, they can produce high-quality precision parts. Our CNC lathe will cut wood and plastic and is rigid and accurate enough to cut aluminum and steel parts. This lathe is a desktop-size machine with full-size machine precision and accuracy.

Sherline CNC-ready lathes have factory-installed stepper motor mounts in place of the handwheels and are ready to apply 23-frame size stepper motors and computer numeric controls (CNC). CNC-Ready lathes are not turn-key machines and cannot be used until stepper motors have been installed. All lathes described as “CNC-ready” have stepper motor mounts but do NOT include stepper motors, computer, or CNC software.

Sherline recommends using dual-shaft stepper motors to apply handwheels to the rear shaft for manual control. With that in mind, handwheels for each axis are included with the machine, although you can’t use them until you install stepper motors. Sherline offers high-quality stepper motors and CNC options.

You can also find several aftermarket suppliers for motors, drivers, and software to complete the CNC system. You supply the 486 processor, or better, computer. See our CNC Dealers page for a list of suppliers and links to their home pages.

Standard equipment for the CNC-Ready 8″ Tabletop Lathe includes:


  • A powerful 90V DC motor with electronic speed controller*
  • 2.75″ (70mm) x 6.0″ (152mm) crosslide
  • 15″ (381mm) steel bed to allow 8″ (203mm) between centers
  • Three Standard 1-5/8″ (41mm) laser-engraved aluminum handwheels. Each handwheel has laser-engraved aluminum handwheel collars**
  • Pulleys, drive belt, faceplate, lathe dog, two dead centers, three hexagonal keys, tool post, sharpened high-speed steel cutting tool, eight-foot three-wire power cord, and instruction manual

* Not included with lathe without motor and speed control
**CNC-ready machines cannot be operated manually unless double-shaft stepper motors are installed.

The A Package includes:

  • 2.5″ 3-jaw self-centering chuck
  • 1/4″ tailstock drill chuck w/ key, #0 Morse arbor, #1 Morse arbor with drawbolt

The MASSO G3 CNC controller, power supply, stepper motors, cable system and optical encoder are sold as a part of our Accu-Pro line of machines and are not available for purchase separately or as an upgrade option to existing machines.